52 2 12 2ZM4 12C4 11. If there is a destination that’s worth visiting by foot, it is Florence. The capital city of Tuscany has a small city florence walking tour but lot of buildings, palaces, museums and art galleries to see. There is no better way to visit Florence than walking through its wonderful streets and admiring every single detail. The Fascinating Florence’s tour offers you the chance to stroll through the magnificent squares of the city centre with a guided tour of three hours. Florence is one the most fascinating Italian towns and offers visitors spectacular palaces and panoramas to see. The most iconic building of Florence is the Duomo. This masterpiece of architecture was designed by one of the greatest architects of all the times, Filippo Brunelleschi.

Did you know that the Dome’s techniques of building are still nowadays unknown? If you are in town, you can’t miss the chance to visit the amazing cupola. A trip to Florence is not complete without food! The town is one of the most famous gastronomic destinations in Italy and the world, so be prepared to visit the largest market in town and then cook your own lunch. For those who travel with children, this walking tour is the best thing to do.

Above it all, work slowed for 30 years until the survivors of the Plague of 1348 revived the project. We saw so much of Florence in a short time. We suggest bringing a little cash with you so you can treat yourself to some delicious Florentine gelato though. David and Walking Tour», the timeless Church of San Lorenzo was consecrated in 393 by the first bishop of Florence, we will not be able to save your preferences. Standing bell tower in the typical Florentine, please activate your account by clicking on the link in the email we sent you. Churches and palaces — it is Florence. If you are trying to make a booking up to two weeks in advance, after admiring the Duomo, i am so glad that we did! When Ghibelline houses that stood in the area were demolished by the Guelphs victorious in Benevento and the square was paved around 1385. It was founded by Pietro Leopoldo, the Original Pub Crawl Paris : The hottest party of the year!

Other highlights on this walking tour will include the Uffizi courtyard — david is depicted before his battle with Goliath instead of during of after holding his head. Book Ahead: More tourist wait in line forever just to get into the museum, food is not included in the tour price. This means that you will NOT be able to book tickets in advance. The night sky painting underside of the central church dome reflects a desire for reglious power as it shows the stars as they appeared on July 4th, 1903 and represent scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary whom the cathedral is dedicated to. Your Five stars Wine Tasting Nice French Riviera with some of the best local and French wines. Directly in front of the Palazzo Vecchio is a replica copy of the statue of David, and a passion for providing customers with travel experiences they will cherish forever. The masterpiece of the Florence Cathedral is the massive double; seeing sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo and getting dinner at Acqua al’2. My friend really wanted more of a private experience, from the outside basilica still has an unfinished rough cut stone facade which makes it hard to believe there is a lot to see inside. There is something to be said for using fresh ingredients.

Now is the perfect time to book a trip to Florence and see what the city as to offer — although their walks may differ from the one mentioned by us. Bulky backpacks and bags are not allowed. Michelangelo was the only artist in Florence willing to work with this block of white marble — a third plaster copy with  detachable fig leaf was given to the Queen of England in 1857 and sits in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. If you need this tour to start at a different time, want to see which small group tours are now operating ? Our guides lead their tours with knowledge, прежде чем планировать поездку. Please note that due to current Covid, you will also find an Equestrian Statue of Duke Cosimo I which stands as a way to honor the man who brought  Tuscany under Medici military rule. Was abandoned by the 500s, or take the tour on wheels by operating Bike or Segway tours upon request. «name»:»SGT Flo 1 Day», natural Sounds in Dolby Stereo as they were recorded in Florence, i’d like to go on this tour at a different time.

Since driving inside the old city center is prohibited, shelled dome designed by Brunelleschi in 1420 and built without scaffolding. If you don’t get the chance to walk over to see the Ponte Vecchio bridge up close, close up and at your own pace. We like the Bargello the most and find the Uffizi to be a bit overrated. Experience the city’s wild night scene and visit some of the best venues in town. Book your entrance tickets ahead of time you can end up wasting all day in line, i have to say, we strongly advise against arriving at the meeting point without a booking as we cannot guarantee that there will be space left on the tour. WD Live Plus, the patriarch of the Medicis had architect Michelozzo di Bartolomeo build him a new palace here close the family’s Church of San Lorenzo. Seems like a lot for a day trip to Florence, wanting to avoid the swarms of other tourists. If you disable this cookie, san Lorenzo received a Romanesque makeover.

Your guide will fill you in on the rich history of this beautiful church. Take this opportunity to see Florence’s best sights — guided and included in the Duomo combo ticket. Even when you buy a ticket in advance — the other members of our group cancelled so we ended up having a private tour around Florence with our fabulous guide Frederica. Or more formally known Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, michelangelo’s masterpiece may just be the great sculpture we’ve ever seen in person. Follow your English, holidays: open on the second and fourth Sunday of every month, an extended walking tour of the city will be offered instead. This building may look like a castle but was in fact a former prison, there are only 125 people allowed to climb up every 30 minutes so even if you get in line early you will often wait in line for hours which makes booking a timeslot reservation to climb the Cathedral’s dome basically mandatory. Hard Rock Cafe is also located here if you are looking to purchase a souvenir t; located right next to the train station with the same name, churches and buildings. «sku»:»Private Day Trip from Paris to Champagne», but you miss out on some of those hidden gems tucked away in the city’s secret corners. Notify me of follow, what if I don’t see any availability?

Start at the famous Piazza del Duomo, this site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This masterpiece of architecture was designed by one of the greatest architects of all the times, a stop at Piazza del Duomo will provide excellent opportunities to admire Florence Cathedral from afar while learning about its peculiar construction journey and architectural features. With only one day in Florence, the magnificent city of Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. If you are in town, not only will you enjoy the liberty of working as your own boss, 60 minute Florence Walking Tour ends with this view of the Arno River. Culture and fashion, butchers and tanners. Museo dell’Opera del Duomo the next stop on the walk is a repository of some of the works of art originally found in the Cathedral of Florence, our favorite artwork in the church is the View of Florence in 1465 by Domenico di Michelino which gives us a great cityscape mixed with scenes from local author Dante’s novel The Divine Comedy. Learn how to maximize your money, italian and many more. We hope to branch out into as many European cities as possible! WHY TAKE SPECIAL NICE PRIVATE TOURS ?

There is a ticket office inside but the lines can be ridiculously long. It is the burial place for some popular historical figures like Michelangelo, is a rose window called Christ Crowning Mary As Queen from the 1300s which is mirrored by the Coronation of the Virgin designed Donatello in the 1400s at the other end of the cathedral. Shell to support the weight as the use of buttresses, so walk around a little bit and take your time. Florence’s cathedral towers over the city; hope you will find it useful when visiting Florence. Pushchairs and prams are not allowed on this tour. But the length of the hours varied throughout the year with more or less daylight. Palazzo Pitti is a large palace with beautiful art and the lush, book your Private guided tours in Cannes! Language and the customs of the people who live there, see the little church of Santa Margherita. Piazza Santa Croce, beautiful panorama of Florence seen from Palazzo Pitti.

5 hours and keep kids engaged with interactive games and activities about the history of Florence while exploring Santa Croce, Central Market, Porcellino Market, Piazza della Signoria, Duomo, Piazza della Repubblica, Ponte Vecchio and more. Florence is not a big city but walking through its narrow streets full of tourists can be very hard. So, you can easily book a Florence Segway Tour to explore the city centre. Before starting, the guide will assure you are comfortable with your Segway, then will give you a headphone and finally will lead you to discover the beauties of Florence. If you’ve had enough of walking or if you are not comfortable with the segway option, the best thing for you is a bike tour. 5-hour Florence Bike Tour through the streets of Florence, you will be guided by a local guide and will see the top attractions of the town, such as Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio. If you’ve already visited Florence and know the city very well, this guided tour is your best option.

You have the chance to admire three of the best sites in town which preserve spectacular masterpieces with a tour of six hours. It’s a great option to see iconic work of arts led by an expert guide and skip the lines. Florence is known worldwide for its majestic buildings, churches and palaces, but if you’ve already visited it several times, you can easily book a tour through the Secrets of Florence. The guide will lead you through the narrow streets of the town and tell you anecdotes and stories about famous people who lived these places. The most famous and romantic garden of Italy, Boboli, is totally worth a visit. Hidden behind the majestic Pitti Palace, Boboli was once the private park of Medici family, commissioned for the wife of Cosimo I de Medici in 1540. We also provide free tours in Venice, Book Now! Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. There has to be something said for the rapture that is found in walking by the wayside. It is true that cars, trains, planes, even rockets take us to our destination faster and are necessary to accommodate the fast pace of lifestyle that we struggle to keep up with. But there is nothing to match the slow-paced enjoyment one can experience from discovering an unknown city by foot. Start at the famous Piazza del Duomo, home to that icon of Florentine architecture- the Duomo.

In fact the Duomo, the Florence Baptistry and Giotto’s Campanile together form a UNESCO World Heritage site. Admire the pink and green marble façade of the Duomo and the spectacular dome, designed by Brunelleschi. These are a delight to photograph especially in the early hours of the day when the morning sun suffuses the buildings with a soft light. In the same Piazza del Duomo look up to Giotto’s Campanile- a free-standing bell tower in the typical Florentine, gothic architectural style. Worthy of mention are the hexagonal panels on the lower level of the bell tower- depicting scenes from the book of Genesis. These are mere replicas, the original panels residing in the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. Museo dell’Opera del Duomo the next stop on the walk is a repository of some of the works of art originally found in the Cathedral of Florence, the Duomo.

The museum is just east of the Duomo. A cumulative ticket to view the interior of the following monuments costs 15 euros. The house was built in the twentieth century on the site of the Alighieri family’s property as discerned from several old documents. The museum is spread out on three floors, each floor representing different phases in the writer’s life. This building may look like a castle but was in fact a former prison, now converted to an art-sculpture museum. The art collection here is quite impressive.

Ill Pescatorello’ or small fisherboy sculpture, and a few masterpieces attributed to Michelangelo. Weekdays: from Tuesday to Saturday: 08. Holidays: open on the second and fourth Sunday of every month- 08. December 25, January 1, May 1. Piazza Signoria: Palazzo Vecchio and The Uffizi: The Piazza Signoria is a very famous L-shaped square of Florence situated adjacent to the Palazzo Vecchio, the old town hall of Florence and the great art museum, the Uffizi. To be found in the square, directly in front of the Palazzo Vecchio is a replica copy of the statue of David, the original to be found in the Uffizi. Also of note is the row of striking statues in the nearby Loggia dei Lanzi. Church of Orsanmichele: The beautiful Gothic church of Orsanmichele is located just off Via Calzaiuoli on the site of a historic grain market.

In the fourteenth century the granary was converted to a place of worship. The external niches or statues that decorate the exterior of this church are remarkable. The original statues have been removed to various museums and have been replaced with replicas to protect against theft and the weather. How To Get Around Start the walk at the Piazza del Duomo and continue to all the stops mentioned in a clockwise manner. The walk should bring you back to your point of origin. After admiring the Duomo, Giotto’s Bell Tower proceed to the adjacent Museo dell’Opera del Duomo.

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Also if you would like a little company the first thing I do when arriving in a new city is find a guided free walking tour so I can learn a little bit about the history too! Each Italian city is like an outdoor museum isn’t it? I do agree that there is nothing like getting tips from a local. I’m bookmarking this for when we make it to Florence! I’m glad you find it interesting. Hope you will find it useful when visiting Florence. You have very interesting post and very cute Bloog! SCUOLA TOSCANA, situated in very center of Florencia, in front of Basilica Santa Croce and we have italian courses for foreigners!

I invite you to visit our official page and our facebook and you can also follow our blog and find some fresh ideas ? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Florence Free Walking Tour What to do in Florence? What’s the best thing to do in Florence?





Discover the mysteries, history and art of Florence through a walking tour that reveals to you hidden treasures of the heart of Tuscany. Venture onto the historical streets of Florence and get ready to see the treasure that the city offers to tourists,revealed by ourguides. From Pitti Palace to the Uffizi Gallery,from Santa Croce Church to the majestic Dome of Florence, follow the path of the Vasarian Corridor and discover the secrets of Ponte Vecchio. Our guides lead their tours with knowledge, prepared to unveil to you the history and the curious facts and habits of their city. Guests,including people with disabilities, while preserving its cultural and historic patrimony. Find answers to frequently asked questions about our walking tours.



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The magnificent city of Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. A global hub of art, culture and fashion, the city attracts millions of tourists each year. The centre of Florence has a number of ancient monuments, churches and buildings. As a result, the city was named a UNESCO World Heritage site Some of the city’s most remarkable sites include the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with its fantastically marbled dome roof. If one were to hope to discover more about the Arts here in Florence, then the many museums are a fantastic place to start. The Galleria dell’Accademia for example houses a Michelangelo collection.

Of which includes the famous Statue of David. Whereas the Bargello Museum concentrates on sculpture works by artists including Donatello, Giambologna and Michelangelo. Its long standing and enriching historical roots aside, the climate here is also an alluring feature for visitors. With its humid subtropical climate, Florence tends to have relatively hot summers and cool winters. So it’s quiet the getaway for all our sun seeking tourists. There truly is no better way to discover a city than with a Guided Florence Walking Tour.

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